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Powerful yet simple

Treatment plans are straightforward, gentle, and painless, yet effective, profound, and sustainable. 

The future of medicine

Working with the body by providing it with the nutrients and gentle therapies that it needs in order to maintain balance. Preventative medicine is the future.

Fit for all walks of life

The philosophies of naturopathic, Eastern, and Western medicine are combined into a functional, integrative approach that improves the well-being and quality of life of any patient.

Some of the treatments offered

Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

At Yinstill Reproductive Wellness we support patients who are looking to start or expand their families by enhancing fertility, supporting assisted reproduction, and encouraging a healthy pregnancy. Treatment is offered for both male and female fertility challenges.

Gut Health

Gut Health

You are what you eat has never been more true. The way we eat today is contributing to countless diseases including depression, obesity, heart disease, infertility, and more. Treating the digestive system is often the first step toward recovery. 

IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Infusing high doses of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream to boost energy, treat disease, and promote optimal functioning.

Hormone balance

Hormone balance

Hormones are messengers that regulate every single process in the body, therefore, hormonal imbalances lead to countless symptoms and diseases. Natural and effective treatments are used to rebalance proper hormone function.

Meet the doctor

My mission is to educate, empower, and guide you in making better decisions when it comes to your health. Why? Because when both your mind and body are healthy, life becomes more enjoyable, goals are more attainable, relationships are better, and becoming who you strive to be gets that much easier. Not only do I treat disease, I promote optimal health and prevent illness. A lack of disease does not mean that you are healthy. We now know that there are specific things the body needs for high-level functioning. Regardless of where you are in your journey when you come to see me, our goal is to get you to this level. I will change the way you heal by addressing your mind, your body, your pain, and everything in between.




What others are saying

  • Although I was very happy and felt very well taken care of at Yinstill, it wasn’t until Dr. Shilo joined the team that I felt complete in my care. She has both western and eastern medicine practices and always focuses on the root causes. She has helped both my husband and I in ways I never thought possible.
  • I see Dr. Shilo for Bowen Therapy and IV Therapy and she is excellent! The Bowen treatments are so helpful for chronic joint/muscle pain and help to re align the entire body. I have had IV vitamin therapy on multiple occasions when I was coming down with a brutal cold (3 days in) and it literally wiped it out of my system within the next 12 hours. I am someone who is very squeamish about needles and usually get very faint when getting blood taken at the doctors. Dr. Shilo has such a gentle technique that it doesn't bother me at all (and does the IV lying down if you prefer). She is always up to date on the latest advancements in Naturopathic Medicine and she is very scientific and detailed in her treatments. It's also a plus that she does acupuncture as well so she can treat you in many different ways. Since seeing her I have seen a huge improvement with my chronic neck and back pain and my body feels a lot stronger. I would highly recommend her to anyone would wants to get healthier, improve their diet/fertility or has chronic issues they need to address in a holistic way.
  • I went to Dr. Shilo at first because she came very highly recommended by a friend. I saw her initially to take control of my general health and for a shoulder problem I was having for about 6 months.

    I had seen a physio, a acupuncturist, and a massage therapist... and none of them could solve my shoulder pain(I swear I was compliant with my exercises!)... and boom, four Bowen treatments and my shoulder is all better.

    Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed her immense amount of knowledge, her pleasant bedside manor, and her ongoing commitment to my health.

    I have since recommended her to many friends who have all echoed my sentiments and appreciated the introduction.

    Do yourself a favour and visit her today. She is a spectacular Naturopathic doctor.

  • As a patient of Nora's, I felt very confident with her recommendations for my health. She is very thorough and would go to any length to find you an answer to your questions. The research she did on my issues was very in depth - she took the time for me. She made me her priority and focused on getting me the results I was looking for. I do miss her. I totally recommend her.

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