“How much water should I drink?”

If you live in Vancouver, you probably don’t have air conditioning and are sweating right now. Am I right?

Apparently Vancouverites aren’t particularly accustomed to something that Torontonians like to call ‘summer’. News and radio channels are now using words like “heat wave”, “record-breaking”, and “poor air quality”. Hmm… Well here’s what Siri says:

Vancouver weather


Looks good to me!

In any case, you should be keeping yourself hydrated at all times. Especially in the summer, especially if you’re spending time outside, and ESPECIALLY if you’re engaging in any type of physical activity – that includes walking!

Many of my patients are confused about how much H2O they actually need, claiming that their doctor simply tells them to “drink more water”. The old “8 glasses” or “2 litres” per day rule doesn’t exactly apply to everyone since we all have a different body weight and engage in different amounts of physical activity.

Here’s my general rule of thumb:

  1. Take your weight in lbs and divide it by two.
  2. The number you get is the minimum amount (in ounces) of water that you should be drinking each day.
  3. Convert to litres.
  4. Bottoms up.


So according to my weight, I should be drinking at least 1.64L of water per day. More when I exercise, and more when I’m outside. How much more? I would add about 0.5L for ever 30 minutes of exercise.

If math isn’t your thing (and by math I mean using your iPhone calculator), there’s a website that will calculate this for you so click here you lazy $%^&.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies (as you should be!), you’re getting some of your daily water intake there as well. Especially cucumber and WATERmelon – duh.

If you absolutely can’t stand drinking water and will only have it at a bar with vodka and a lime, I suggest trying one of the following:

  • add lemon/lime
  • add fresh mint
  • add a packet of Ester-C or Emergen-C
  • attend a local AA meeting

Still not sold on on the importance of water? Have a look:



That’s it for now. Enjoy the summer!



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