How to look sexy without makeup

Yes, ladies, it is possible to still look good without having to paint on that mask. If you do it right, less is more, and it should come as no surprise that people actually prefer women who wear less makeup. Here’s proof.

So I’ve got some tips to help you embody more of this au natural philosophy. Think of how much time this would save you if you could just slap on some Chapstick and go! This is pretty self explanatory stuff, divided into “inside” and “outside” tips.


1. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. – Michael Pollan


Eat food, as in, eat real food. Real, as in FRESH. Get the bulk of your groceries at farmers’ markets. When you go grocery shopping, you should be looking to stock your fridge for the next couple of days with perishable items. NOT looking to stock your pantry with boxes of processed CRAP that never expire. How is this going to make you look sexy without makeup? Your skin is your LARGEST organ. You need to FEED it with a variety of fresh nutrients. You won’t get that from a box of KD or Cheerios. Your skin is also one of your main DETOX organs. So if you do choose to opt for the KD and Cheerios or other processed, greasy, sugary foods (that we all love, especially at that time of the month), it may show up on your skin since those toxins need a way out, and for some people, that way out is through their skin via dreaded little bumps called pimples. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of these and I now know when my skin gets angry at me for something I should not have eaten.


2. Lemon water with chia in the AM


Make this a part of your daily morning routine. The best part is that you can prepare it the night before. A 500ml water bottle with 2 tbsp of chia and 1/2 -1 lemon squeezed (depending on how large the lemon is). Drink this 30 minutes before breakfast to boost digestion, support your liver in the detoxification process and kickstart your bowels with all that chia superfood fiber. Plus, most people don’t start their day by drinking half a litre of water so just by doing that alone, you’re hydrating your skin which is one of the most important things you can do to preserve its health and prevent a dull, tired, wrinkly complexion.


3.  Exercise


Once again, this encourages healthy detox (via sweating) and improves circulation and lymphatic flow. The bonus of exercising outside is getting that delicious sun-kissed glow that fake tanner can never achieve. If you live in Vancouver, challenge yourself to a Stanley Park jog or a Grouse Grind! But also refer to number 6.


4.  Take a good anti-inflammatory supplement


With the way we eat and the stress levels that most people have on a daily basis, it’s safe to assume that we’re walking around with varying degrees of inflammation and it is therefore a good idea to control it as it can also lead to breakouts and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The most common anti-inflammatory supplement is fish oil, but seeing a Naturopathic Doctor is one way to find out what type of supplement would be most appropriate for your concern since there are so many anti-inflammatory products out there.


5.  Poop daily (at least)


I cannot tell you how many of my patients are constipated. Seriously what do you think happens to all that crap that’s just sitting in your bowels? Your body starts to reabsorb those toxins. Not good. LET IT GO. I can tell you that once you clean up your diet by eating mostly plants, that fiber content, plus the chia lemon water will make you go like clockwork and you will feel amazing. And if you don’t already know about the emotional connection, listen up. People who are constipated have a problem letting go of stuff that no longer serves them. Whatever you’re holding on to, ask yourself: How does this serve me? And then let it go both emotionally and physically.



6.  Wear SPF


In my humble opinion, 15 is enough (unless you’re an infant). The sun is good. The sun helps us get the much needed vitamin D that our body requires in order for us to properly absorb calcium and therefore have strong bones. Should you overdo it? No. Do I agree with tanning salons or laying out on the beach covered in oil until you look like a lobster? No. These things actually speed up the aging process of your skin. What I’m telling you to do is engage in more outdoor activities and protect your skin when you do.


7.  One word: OILS


You know all those expensive lotions and potions that claim to get rid of acne or give you a youthful glow or prevent aging or, I dunno, cure cancer? Well they ain’t got nothin’ on oils. I don’t care what your skin type is. Oils work by BALANCING your skin’s own oil production. They’re also antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating. I’ve experiemented a lot with oils over the last couple of years and have decided that my favourites are tea tree, coconut, jojoba, neem, and lavender. I use oils both for cleansing and moisturizing and not only does it work better than any other skin care products, it’s a *beep*-load cheaper! Honestly stop throwing your money away on overpriced products just because they come in pretty bottles. Be smart. Do your research. I haven’t decided when yet, but I plan on posting a DIY for my top-secret oil cleanser and moisturizer blend so stay tuned.


8. Switch to clean makeup


I know it’s unrealistic to walk around makeup-less all the time. So for the times that you do have to doll yourself up, refer to this post about smarter makeup choices. They won’t clog your pores, they’re not tested on animals, and they are overall a lot more natural-looking.


9. Smile


It requires 16 times less muscles than a frown and is also much sexier. Make it a confident smile. 😉


10. Avoid over-cleansing


Like makeup, less is more when it comes to washing your face. Stick to cleansing once before bed, ensuring that you’ve washed away the day and the makeup. There’s no need to wash your face again in the morning unless you sleep in a mud pile. Over cleansing can irritate the skin and disturb your skin’s natural oil production causing it to either be dry or more oily throughout the day. All that’s needed upon waking is a splash of water and some moisturizer.


Tweet your #nomakeup photos at me with the hashtag #sexysaturday and stay sexy, my friends!




  1. Mira S. 4 years ago

    What a great and informative post!! So easy to follow!! I highly recommend for all the constipated peeps out there to try an herbal tea to help and support the body with natural and regulations elimination :))) looking forward to your next post Dr. Shilo!

    • Author
      Nora 4 years ago

      Thanks Mira! Looking forward to the launch of your super tea blends 😉

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