Squats, Kale, Water

Why do we insist on making health and medicine so complicated, when, in reality, we all know how simple it is? When a patient sits in front of me and tells me about their health issues, most of the time, they already know three things:

  1. How they got there
  2. What they should be doing
  3. What I’m going to say

So I’m going to give you three solutions right now which are bound to make an exponential positive difference in your life and overall wellness.


Believe it or not, the squat is actually a full-body exercise. You’re not only using your hamstrings, quads and glutes – you’re also using your core, your upper back, shoulders, arms, and even neck to hold the proper posture of a squat. People give me every excuse in the book for why they can’t exercise – not enough time, can’t afford a gym membership, too hot, too cold, too much rain, too much snow, too tired, too busy, too boring, too much pain, blah blah blah… If you can’t go for a run or a hike or some sort of full body workout, at least start with a squat or 10. This costs you no money, and virtually no time. You can even do it WHILE doing other things like watching TV, talking on the phone, or cooking. Just #SQUAT!


Eat kale! It is unbelievably nutritious and if you’re treating your body like shit by eating shit, well I’m a firm believer that having some kale at some point in the day may help counteract these effects and make them less shitty. Ideally, you wouldn’t be eating shit in the first place but nobody has an ideal lifestyle (except maybe Kate Middleton). The other great thing about kale is that it’s incredibly easy to eat it in larger amounts. Sautéed kale is a great example – it wilts during the cooking process and surprisingly yields a much smaller amount of kale than what you started with (or so it appears) so you can literally eat an entire bunch of kale in one sitting! It’s also delicious – so delicious that my ND friend just HAD to have the recipe.  And who can resist kale chips – come on! Fun fact: kale is more nutritious when lightly cooked or steamed. #eatyourgreenspeople


Very few people drink the right amount of water for their body weight. Click here to learn how to calculate how much water you should be drinking. I know what a chore it can feel like, because even as an ND, I too am guilty of under-hydrating myself throughout the day due to laziness, forgetfulness, and coffee-tastes-betterness. But when I do make a conscious effort to drink the right amount of water, a minimum of 5 things improve for me – mental clarity, skin, energy, headaches, and bowel function… TMI? If any of these are an issue for you, you’d be crazy not to give something as simple as water at try.

There you have it – the three things that we should all be doing daily. Try them for a week and see how you feel!