What’s in an ND’s fridge?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “what do you eat?”

I’m not sure why this is, but people tend to think that naturopathic doctors are saints when it comes to dietary habits, and this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Naturopathic medical school is a gruelling, 4 year program that really doesn’t give you the time, money, freedom, or opportunity to live the healthy, balanced life that you should be preaching to your patients. I do the best I can when I can and I learn to listen to my body, to be better in tune with it, so that I know when I can and can’t afford to “splurge”.

Not too long ago I wrote an article discussing my thoughts on diets. I talked more about moderation and the actual relationship we should all strive to have with food. In this article, I would like to highlight some of the things that I do my best to have in my fridge at all times.

IMG_5912These are so multipurpose that I have a whole upcoming article that’s dedicated to just lemons – stay tuned for this, but for now, when in doubt, just add lemon. They’ve got both antimicrobial and detoxifying properties. Having a glass of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach is a great way to support and gently detoxify the liver. (Avoid in case of a citrus sensitivity.)
IMG_5913Zucchini is delicious and versatile. It’s got loads of magnesium and dietary fiber to promote healthy muscle contractions and regulate the bowels. Lately, I’ve been enjoying it in omelettes or just slicing and baking some zucchini spears with EVOO, spices, and balsamic glaze.
IMG_5914Fresh wild/organic rainbow trout and black cod are my favourites! Load up on those essential fatty acids!
IMG_5915Again, eggs are extremely versatile and filling, complete source of protein, and clearly a champion’s breakfast – always reach for organic/free range/cage free.
IMG_5916I’ve only been treating patients for about a year but even in this short time, I’ve learned that a huge percentage of the population suffer from something called “dysbiosis”, which is basically a lack of good bacteria in the gut. It’s amazing to see health concerns resolve, one after the other, just by introducing a good dose probiotic into the diet. My favourite is Ultimate Flora Critical Care (50 billion) by Renew Life. It can be purchased at Loblaws – look for it in the natural/organic section, in the fridge. I like it because it’s a high dose in only one capsule and is pretty affordable and easy to find.
IMG_5917Of course, this stereotypical “naturopathic” food had to be on the list. All jokes aside though, this magical leafy green is packed with vitamins and nutrients in mega doses and these are actually best absorbed when the kale is lightly steamed or cooked. My favourite way to consume this superfood is sauteed with some garlic, EVOO, lemon juice, balsamic drizzle, sea salt, and a few chili pepper flakes. Delish!
IMG_5918I will probably end up writing an entire article about my thoughts on cow’s milk and why I avoid it. I use almond milk instead, for basically anything you would normally use milk for: coffee, cereal, baking, etc. I’m always sure to have a backup carton after I’ve had the last drop.

These 7 items are ones I do my best to have in my fridge at all times. Remember to buy organic when you can and stay tuned for part 2: What’s in an ND’s pantry?

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